About Ahorn

Ahorn is a collaboration between two brothers, Bart and Sander Videler. We share a passion for a free, adventurous and sustainable lifestyle, each in our own way. Communication is where our roads meet. We use communication in the best possible way to create a better world.

We provide our services to brands that promote ethical, outdoor or alternative lifestyles. That’s what makes us unique.

Mission statement

Copy & strategy from the heart

The true value of an organisation isn’t shown in the amount of profit made, but in its strive for sustainability, social jusitice and stimulating an adventurous and active life.

Ahorn helps organisations to create true value with copy and brand strategy.


‘Always follow your gut feeling’ is our motto. Ahorn is a truth-agency. We quest for the essence of brands and organisations. We believe in the power of authenticity. Truth works.

In this era there’s a change noticable from an old to a new world. Ego turns to eco, image turns to identity, individualism turns to solidarity. We help brands to achieve this metamorphosis.

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